Dance Criteria

Welcome to the European Latin Dance Grand Prix!

Dance Criteria


This competition is choreography based only. 

All choreographies should consist of 70% dancing. 


Tricks: Only 4 tricks are allowed per choreography except for the Cabaret sub genre which has no trick limitations.


Measurable Dance Rules are as follows:


Timing: Once the timing is established it can not be broken. Acceptable timing is breaking on the first beat of the music or the second beat of the music.


Connection: Dancers must connect with each  other, with audience & not miss a hand or body connection.


Penalty: 5 Points will be deducted for each of the following infractions:

Leaving props, accessories such as earrings, feathers etc…on the floor after your show. If you dropped it, pick it up, to avoid point deduction.

Being late to announce themselves to proper personnel to be backstage on time for shows. Final call time will be 1 hour before start of competition. You & team or couple must have registered personally as their on time with person in charge. Person in charge

will be identified during the info meeting.

Any last minute changes/fixes/late entries to music, correctly spelled names of dancers & dance team, country & or school represented. 

Any unsportsman like conduct or behaviour before or during the event. After the event, unsportsman like conduct pt deduction will be applied to any future participation of person, couple or team. Who ever did the infraction will cost their partner, team or school an immediate or future penalty. Remember: You are representing not only your school but also your country, act accordingly.


Synchronisation: Feet, Arms, Bodies, accentuated and or interactive expressions must be danced in unison from the moment dancer(s) take to the stage.


Appreciation Dance Rules are as follows:


Interpretation: Degree of difficulty, matching costumes, quality of costumes, showmanship, & creativity shown by each dancer(s) being judged.


Choreography: New choreography to every new song. No re-using a choreography. Originality is encouraged in choreography & musical selection.

How well was the choreography made to interpret the song?

As a rule of thumb: You want the judges to wonder: “What came first…the song or the choreography”? If the choreography is so well made, it should be the question on the judges mind resulting in maximum points awarded.

Does the choreography maximise usage of the stage dance floor?