Welcome to the European Latin Dance Grand Prix!



The ELDGP is an exciting competition focusing on the region of Europe and its fantastic Salsa, Bachata, Cabaret, Chacha,Kizomba, Merengue and Zouk dancers. Our name only implies geographic location, but we welcome dancers from anywhere in the world to compete.


We are happy to provide Amateur Dancers a platform to develop their dancing skills & Professional Dancers a platform where they can earn money & exposure for their professionalism & dedication to our wonderful world of dance.


Welcoming dancers of different levels (Amateur, ProAm, SemiPro, Pro) and ages (children to adults) this competition caters to the overall level of Europe. 


In order to encourage growth as a dancer the ELDGP offers full transparency during judging and therefore will be giving direct live feedback from the judges during the finals. 


Furthermore dancers will be able to follow their evolution through a personalized “Dancer Profile” continuously marking all important milestones reached throughout each individual’s journey.


The ELDGP works together with accredited dance schools and once you have become one yourself, you will be able to nominate others in the future and grow the ELDGP community. 


In order to provide all dancers with the best possible, stress free competition environment, the ELDGP has set a 2 week deadline before the start of the competition to hand in music and all necessary information. 


Moreover our friendly and professional team is there to answer all possible questions (English, German, Spanish, Turkish, Finnish, Swedish, French, Dutch) as well as make your experience an unforgettable one. 


We believe that the fact that our team has been in a long term and dedicated working relationship will make you feel right at home both during the qualifier rounds as well as in Bremen, Germany during the finals.


And last but not least, it is easy and affordable for all dancers from Europe to fly directly to Bremen, Germany with Ryanair with ticket starting as low as 19€!


We hope to see you all very soon…Catching Stars!




A special message from ELDGP founders about our mission statement:


7. Feb. 2017


  As parents from different nationalities we feel personally responsible to continue our commitment to create & encourage all to attend international events that strengthen ties & promote a better understanding of others, for the good of future generations. We happen to practice this, by sharing our lives with audiences of different nations, who support or are entertained by our passion for dance. We also practice this by hosting a multinational dance event where we respectfully compete & encourage good sportsmanship.


Tolerance is good, but in a globalized world we need more proactiveness for a better understanding in cultural exchange.


With only a clean background & a passport you can join us in a united competition...Welcome to the European Latin Dance Grand Prix!


Yours truly,

Gallo & Wally